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This is the accompanying website for the courses:


The Network Society (0em15, 6 ects)

Innovations in networks and alliance management (0zm05, 5 ects)

Social entrepreneurship (0a150, 3 ects).


first semester 2013/2014

course lecturers: Uwe Matzat, Rudi Bekkers, Gerrit Rooks (0a150 mainly) Chris Snijders (+coordination)

In this course we consider the theory and empirics of innovation and technological change from a network perspective. In what kind of networks can innovation and technological change prosper? The course considers how networks, including personal networks, can hamper or facilitate innovation and technological change, focusing primarily at the meso- and micro level. Innovation processes as well as knowledge and technology spillovers are driven by the interactions between actors such as producers, suppliers, customers, knowledge institutes, and are constrained by institutional arrangements and market structures. Over time, networks between these actors evolve. The shape and structure of these networks affect the ease with which innovation processes and technology spillovers occur and develop.

In this sense, it is not only the characteristics of the actors themselves that drive innovation and technology spillover, but also the way in which the ties between these actors are shaped. The course covers the theories explaining the general effects of networks and applies the theories to several empirical examples, with an emphasis on business networks.

The course follows the schedule outlined below and consists of assignments and an exam at the end. We have tried to be as accurate as possible in the schedule below but some changes might occur based on how the course is evolving along the way.



Papers, slides and lecture notes as supplied on this page and (occasionally, although we will try to keep this to a minimum) during lectures.



Assignment(s) and a written exam, weighed 50% (average of assignments) + 50% (exam). The minimum for each separate assignment and the exam must be at least a 4.0.

Being there

Your attendance, attention, and active participation during lectures is appreciated, and counted on. The material that is being discussed during the lectures is exam material even if not provided on this site.

Please note: presence at the first five lectures for 0a150 students is mandatory.


Exam material The exam material consists of all the literature, slides, and the lecture content, except for the papers explicitly marked "extra". So papers that belong to the assignments are also exam material. The exam is paper-and-pencil, no laptop.

The exam itself will be different for 0em15 vs 0zm05 vs 0a150.

Both 0zm05 and 0em15 have assignments and a written exam. The 0em15 course has an extra assignment, as indicated in the course schedule below. Both 0zm05 and 0em15 have the same exam material though, and that includes the papers on patents that accompanied Bekkers' lectures.

The exam: the first part of the exam will be multiple choice, about 15-20 questions. The second part will be open questions. Part of the open questions can be that you have to manually calculate some network measures on a smaller network (not the hugely complicated network measures, of course). You have 1,5 hour for the exam which we know from experience is usually more than enough.

The 0a150 course has a separate workshop part and no exam, just assignments, but attendance is mandatory for the lectures for the 0a150 students.

Any questions? Give me (CS) an email


Study guide

The table below shows you, on a weekly basis, what you are supposed to do.








Lectures are on Wednesdays, hours 1 and 2 (08:45 - 10:30), AUD 11. Do check owinfo or OASE though for any last minute changes.
ALL Sept 3 CS Intro to the course
ALL Sept 10 UM The basic network arguments
ALL Sept 17 UM From network arguments to network measurements
ALL Sept 24 CS Small world networks and more
ALL Oct 1

GR (08:45)

UM (09:45)

Intro business networks

Assignment 1


Oct 8      
only 0A150 Oct 15 GR


Your personal network (I)

only 0A150 Oct 22 GR


Your personal network (II)

  Oct 29   no lectures -- exam weeks (not for this course) --
  Nov 5   no lectures -- exam weeks (not for this course) --

First hour: (feedback on 1st assignment)


Second hour:

0ZM05 and 0EM15 will get their second assignment

November 12 UM / CS  
  November 19


  No class (you work on assignment 2)
0EM15 and 0zm05 November 26




0EM15 and 0zm05 December 3 RB  



0EM15 and 0zm05 December 10



0EM15 and 0zm05 December 17 RB  
  December 24   no lecture Merry Christmas ...
  December 31   no lecture ... and a Happy NewYear!
January 7 leftover day (we only use it if necessary)
0zm05 and 0em15 January 14     Exam prep